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Guangzhou  (8)

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Zhuhai  (2)

Tezigo Clothing Group Co.,Ltd.

Economic-friendly material , Fashion, comfortable

Guangzhou Women Wear

S&A CW-3000,CW-5000,CW-520

S&A CW-3000,CW-5000,CW-5200 chiller stock

Guangzhou Machinery

YueBiz Technology Co.,Ltd

GPS Tracker manufacturer

Guangzhou Auto Parts Hot

Guangzhou Rymax Building Mater

Guangzhou RYMAX -green building materials supplier

Guangzhou Wall Materials Hot

Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Aerospace

High tear strength for replication

Shenzhen Rubber & Rubber Products

foshan Qide New Energy Technol

AG10/LR1130 AG1/LR621 AG3/LR44 AG4/LR626 AG13/LR44

Shenzhen Electrical Goods, Equipment & Supplies

Shenzhen ACCORD Industry Limit

injection molding and all kinds of plastic moulds

Shenzhen Machinery Designing & Processing

Desktop Automatic Visual SMT M

SMT Pick and Place Machine

Shenzhen Special Purpose Machines

E-Lins Technology - 4G Router

The E-Lins Industrial 4G routers are compact, ruggedized designed

Shenzhen Telecommunication Equipment

Guangdong Grandeur Internation

China VMF 2018 Back in NEXT MARCH

Guangzhou Vending Machinery

Jasonmould - CNC Machining Ser

China low-volume manufacturing services Supplier

Zhuhai Cnc Machines

ZHSYDZ : Zhuhai Shuangye Elect is a professional manufacturer/factory of electric bike,ebike kits and ebike batteries.

Zhuhai Auto Electrical System

Golden Sample Co., Ltd.

Retail display & custom-made products

Guangzhou Steel Components

9th Guangzhou International So

PV Guangzhou 2017

Guangzhou Solar Panel

Guangdong Grandeur Internati

A large international sanitary exhibition.

Guangzhou Other
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