Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit listing ?

To include a listing on the directory, you must register for a free account by clicking on ' Create Account' link located in the left hand navigation menu or in the top navigation menu. When your account has been activated you may login to submit a listing.  To add a listing from within the user control panel, click 'Advertise' link and complete each step. 

Title:  Enter a title for your listing - this MUST be a REAL NAME / STAGE NAME / BAND NAME / BUSINESS NAME or WEBSITE
           (We DO NOT allow the use of WEBSITE LINKS, KEYWORDS or CHARACTERS in the title)

Friendly URL: click the box and a friendly url based on your listing title will automatically be created.

Primary Classification/ Main Category: Select a main category in which your listing will be displayed

Sub-Categories: Other sections where you woule like your listing to be displayed. Please be careful when selecting these as you MUST provide the service that you enter or your listing could be rejected.

Short Description: Enter a short description about your services - this is displayed on search results so make it relevant.

Description: You may enter a long description about your business, website, service, band etc.,  Please do NOT use ALL CAPITALS or enter contact details and website links in this area.

Keywords: Enter keywords to help visitors to find your listing.

META Description:  Enter a brief description which will help visitors to find your listing in search engines .

META Keywords: Enter keywords to help visitors find your listing in search engines 

Phone: Enter a Telephone Number (optional)

Mobile: Enter a Mobile telephone number (optional)

Fax: Fax Number (optional)

Address Line 1: Business address

Address Line 2: Business address continued (optional)

Location: Use the selection box to find your country / region

Town/City: Enter the Town/City  (optional)

Zip Code: Enter your Postcode or Zip Code (optional)

Website: Enter your website URL  (No Affiliate Links allowed)

Email: Enter an email address (note that this is NOT displayed but visitors may contact you using the form provided). Please do NOT use a HOTMAIL address on your listing as potential client enquiries will not be delivered to you. Suggest using a more reliable email provider like Yahoo, Gmail etc.,

Logo: Upload logo - appears next to a listing in browse / search results also displayed on your listing .

Click 'Submit' to save and submit the listing for review.

 Your listing will be be placed in the queue for review by the administrator and appear as Pending or Suspended in the system. When it has been reveiwed you will receive a notification email and if accepted, the listing will automatically appear on the public directory.