RYMAX PVC Celuka Foam Board | Decorative Panel | PVC Foam Board


RYMAX PVC Celuka Foam Board | Decorative Panel | PVC Foam Board

RYMAX Decorative PVC Foam Board is a kind of sandwich board. The core is PVC Foam Board(Celuka, Rigid or Free foam board). Both faces are finished with PVC film, HPL (High pressure laminate), Acrylic or Aluminium. Edge of the foam board can be sealed with PVC edge banding or Acrylic edge banding etc.

After that finishing processing, the physical properties of foam board are enhanced. The foam board will become stronger and more durable. The Softening point can be increased to 120 degree.

That kinds of board is perfect for decoration and widely use as door, cabinet, table top, interlayer etc.

Compared with other PVC foam board, RYMAX PVC foam board not only has much more smooth surface, but also has the more skin hardness; and the mechanical performance is much better than the other PVC foam boards.

* Strong and durable;
* Lightweight and easy to install;
* Not easy to scratch;
* Will not rot, warp, delaminate, cup or twist;
* Resistant to weather, shock and abrasion;
* Salt water corrosion resistant;
* Impervious to salts, insects and many chemicals, including some acids;
* Doesn't mold; Can be worked just like wood;
* Non-toxic; 100% recyclable; Fire-retardant (self-extinguishing);
* Easy to clean; Virtually maintenance free;

* Construction (wall panels, ceilings, decoration etc.);
* Advertisement; Signage; POP;
* Cupboard (kitchen);
* Furniture board;
* Marine (seating, covers,




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