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by Kavita Samsukha on 03-28-2019 in Ecommerce

5 Popular Wedding Sarees for the new age brides

Weddings are special and each and every wedding has its own exquisiteness. The whole beauty of weddings lies in the wonderful traditions that follow one after another. Every tradition requires the bride and her associates to wear new and attractive clothing. Women in India either stick to the graceful six yards or often are seen trying on lehengas to create a vibrant style.

Wedding sarees no wonder play quite a significant role in making a bride look drop dead gorgeous. In the previous decades, women basically stuck to either Benarasis or Kanjivarams for their weddings but the new age brides are seen to be experimenting with the fabric and material of the sarees. There are many women who have been observed adorning their exclusive Baluchari sarees rather than going for the obvious.

Here is a list of some of the wedding sarees that are truly exquisite and also offer quite an amazing look at the new age brides. These following sarees can quite easily become a part of their wedding trousseau. The wedding day is definitely not the only day when a bride can wear sarees. After marriage, there are numerous occasions where a bride has to put on the six yards while meeting the friends and family members of her in-laws. The more graceful the saree she wears, the better it will be for enhancing her personality and choice of fashion.

  1. Uppada: The fact that the Uppada sarees look rich and heavy but in reality, these are absolutely light weighted and easy to carry make them popular among the saree loving communities. Uppada sarees can be worn at both daytime and night occasions. These sarees are extremely popular also because of the interesting weaving technique that is one of a kind.
  2. Gadhwal: The traditional Gadhwal wedding sarees are designed in such a creative way so that the saree can be folded down to the size of a small matchstick box. The borders of these sarees are made of silk whereas the whole body is woven in cotton. It is the border that makes a Gadhwal worth purchasing. Extravagant and enriching brocade designs create a fabulous look.
  3. Paithani: These classy sarees come straight from the village of Paithan in Aurangabad. These sarees earlier had a cotton base but now the focus has shifted to weaving the sarees on a pure silk base. The border and pallav portions of these sarees have contrasting shades. This is done by means of using two different toned silk threads. These sarees are also worth buying for the extravagant range of motifs created by the weavers.
  4. Baluchari: Baluchari belongs to Bishnupur in West Bengal. These sarees add an amazing aura to the overall beauty of the wearer. The quality of the silk, the beautiful motifs and also the attractive shades make the Baluchari a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.
  5. Patola: Tie and dye technique is used to create the classic Patola Sarees. Gujarat promotes the classy Patola saree that exudes a sheer beauty of its own. Patola sarees not only look grand but also offer an exquisite look to the wearer.

These are some of the classic wedding sarees that the new age brides must look forward to including in their wedding trousseau. 

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