SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research.

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Why do you need SEMrush?


One of the keys to becoming a success in the competitive world of internet marketing is to stay ahead of your competitors.

Even from a beginning blogger’s perspective, it’s always a wise idea to target keywords with the highest CPC and the lowest competition. This will help in driving traffic and increasing your overall AdSense income.

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The SEMrush tool gives you great insight about your competition, and it shows which keyword is driving that competitor their maximum amount traffic.

You can search for details about keywords, domains, or specific URLs.

For example, here is what I get when I search for “Get more traffic”:

Semrush Results

Here you can clearly see which keywords are best to target around this topic. The tool also gives insight about the keyword’s “trending” ability. This way, you can see if this keyword will fit into your long-term strategy.

You can also find the top post from any domain and highlight all of the keywords that that post is targeting. When you do this, you can create even better content and essentially “steal” that domain’s traffic.

Keyword Report


SEMRush offers users the most detailed and advanced digital and SEO marketing metrics.


  • Reports that can be sent directly to clients or for future reference can easily be generated — these reports can be downloaded in PDF format, and branded White Label reports can also be created.
  • Complete SEO reports which are perfect for clients, marketing agencies, large organizations, and individual digital marketers can be generated.
  • SEMRush seamlessly integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics allowing you to proficiently track your website performance.
  • The business subscription lets you generate up to 10,000 reports a day and you can have multiple logins. The other subscription plans let you generate 3,000 and 5,000 reports per day respectively
  • SEMRush comes with fantastic customer support, a large community of users, and a good knowledge base available to every subscriber.
  • The SEMRush team is continuously enhancing and adding more features to improve its performance.
  • It contains lots of SEO tools in one suite and can be accessed on every subscription plan. However, the difference lies in the total number of reports you can generate.



Semrush Free Tool



SEMRush Features That Make It an Incredible SEO Tool


Let’s look at the core features that set SEMRush apart and onto the limelight.

  1. Competition Analysis: SEMRush enables you to quickly find your competitors and conduct a thorough analysis of their SEO strength (and weakness) and use this information to strategically compete with them. We’ll discuss this in detail.
  2. Effective Link Building: You’ll never find link building easier than when you use SEMRush — because you’ll see all the backlinks that your competitors have, where they got each link, and when they got it. Rather than guessing your competitor’s strength, you can access their backlink data and leverage it to knock them off the organic listing. This backlink data will not just save you lots of time and efforts, it’ll guarantee your success, too.
  3. Advanced Keyword Research: SEMRush keyword research tool is insanely comprehensive, unlike most other keyword research tools out there. With SEMRush, you’re not only able to perform basic keyword research, you’ll equally be able to figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking high for and their overall strength. That’s not all, you can also use the “Related Keywords” feature to identify new keywords in your niche that you never knew existed.
  4. Complete Website Audit: SEMRush lets you to effectively perform an SEO audit of your website and easily figure out where improvements are required.
  5. Social Media Marketing: For your information, social media can be a treasure-trove and you can boost your social media traffic when you use SEMRush to calculate your social media reach and compare it to your competitors’.
  6. Strategic Organic Research: You can use SEMRush to easily generate an in-depth organic research report based on a domain or keyword phrase. This organic research contains all the needed parameters to build a tactical search engine marketing plan.
  7. PPC Advertising Insight: PPC advertising can be very challenging, annoying, and frustrating. Especially when you’re not targeting the right keywords. Worse case scenario you could waste thousands of dollars on your pay per click campaigns. The good news is that SEMRush lets you look into your competitor’s campaign with respect to paid keywords and leverage this useful data to your advantage.
  8. SEMRush can be used to tackle several other tasks such as: 
    • Position Tracking
    • Keyword Research
    • Backlink Analysis
    • Website Audit
    • PPC Research
    • Content Planning
    • Social Media Monitoring


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