On Demand Taxi Booking Mobile App Development

by saravanan sam on 02-09-2019 in Blogging

On Demand Taxi booking Mobile App Development

Uber got challenges around the world. In South America and Europe is once again the main actor (damn centralism). Taxis vs Uber.

Why an Uber Clone?

Imagine the following: You got an open source app that does exactly what Uber Clone does and can be used by all taxis in Chile. This way it will solve the main problems with the current way of taking a taxi. You will know the route, the price, the person who drives, will send you a message when the taxi is ready and it’s possible to make the payment with your credit card.

Why a Libre and Open Source App?

By using Alikeapps GIO Taxi app, the world would be a better place. Other countries can use the technology and improve it. Imagine if all countries that have troubles with Uber allocate some funds to developing an open source Uber clone. Everyone that wants to improve its local public transport could easily implement a solution, not only for taxis but for all kinds of transportation. Example: A rural area that only has a single bus all day. Now the people that use that bus could benefit knowing when the bus will arrive or if it got some problems.


It must be created an open source global non-profit organization like Mozilla https://www.mozilla.org/es-ES/ where the focus is creating better ways of connecting the people to public transportation by making open source and libre apps that rivals in quality with Uber clone and friends.


South America or Europe should make the first move in making an open source Uber clone. Other countries could fund this application by donating money to the global non-profit organization.

A better public transportation is possible if all the countries unite and create an open source alternative.

Check out the complete product page on Alikeapps – Uber Clone Script.


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